Friendly Friday

March 8, 2008 at 12:32 am Leave a comment

     Once a month at C’s school, they have Friendly Friday, where family members can come and read to kids in their child’s class for 30 minutes. The kids love it, and it’s probably a nice change of pace for them. They really seem to enjoy having the family members come in to read to them. I try to go as often as possible, and spend a fair amount of time picking out books that I hope the kids haven’t read before. Today I took books with serious morals in their stories (such as The Thirsty Moose – a Native American story about a big moose who drinks all the water in the river, and the little fly who gets in his ear and drives him crazy, causing the moose to leave the river), hoping to impart some wisdom to the kids, however subliminal.

     Yet I’m pretty sure there’s a conspiracy going on. Sure, the school tells us “it’s for the kids,” “reading to kids 30 minutes a day ensures their love for books,” and other such propaganda. I bought into that completely, and patted myself on the back for doing my civic service. But I realized today as I walked out of the school, big, stupid grin on my face, that it’s not for the kids at all. It’s for us, the parents who arrange an hour off work to go into their child’s classroom, the grandparents who nervously walk down the hall not sure exactly where to go, the stay at home Moms who are forced out of sweatpants and into the world. I’m quite sure I got much more out of it than the bright-eyed kids who sat in a half-circle around me and listened to me read to them.

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