Another few moments in time

May 8, 2008 at 11:32 am 3 comments

     Leave house 20 minutes before school is out even though we live 2 minutes away from school to ensure spot in front of pick-up line. Be glad C and what loosely could be called “friend” B have stopped bickering over whose mother comes first which always ends up in tears for C because either B’s mother came first or because B is upset because I came first. Be annoyed that the newest pick-up obsession is that I have to be in first 10 cars in line. Be annoyed at self for giving into this neurosis but know that picking up a crying child is not a good thing and know that this obsession, too, shall pass. Worry about what next obsession will be.

     Arrive at school, am car number 7, breathe sigh of relief. Turn car off and listen to radio to try and catch up on day’s news. Be reminded that many, many millions of people have stresses far worse than ours, resolve to be happy, positive, thankful person. Feel blessed. Wait for bell to ring. Watch for C to come out of building and know simply by the way he waves before approaching car will explain tone of his entire day. Be happy when wave is appropriately jubilant and resist opening door from inside as newly found independence in opening door is a good thing as long as fingers don’t get slammed. Encourage him to get in car before starting to tell about his day as there are approximately 10 zillion cars behind us waiting to pick up their kids. Remind him to be careful closing door and silently chuckle remembering the time when door was simply too heavy and he fell right back out of car onto sidewalk. Revel in fact that he’s socially aware enough that he actually felt embarrassment at that incident, and marvel at how quickly I got out of the car and around to the other side to see if he was okay (he was). Wonder if I could ever move that fast again.

     Get door closed, pull away, stop once past the pick-up line to buckle into 5-point harness mentioned before. Ask about day, about special, about who sat by at lunch, who played with at recess. Listen to recitation of school announcements, lunch menu, which classes had perfect attendance and wonder if anyone else in the entire school even listens to that stuff half as carefully. Wonder about streaming text TV they have in classroom and be amazed that C ever tears his eyes away from it. Wonder if they’re putting subliminal messages in there somewhere because if anyone would have them sink in it would be C. 

     Get home, greet dog, wash hands, empty backpack, talk about homework, make snack. Wonder when this will become routine enough that I don’t have to prompt, and figure it will become routine about the time school is out for summer. Have snack, do something fun or have in-house therapy session. Start thinking about dinner, plan dinner, get dinner started for grown-ups, make dinner for C. Preferably (for him) something that can be dipped in ketchup. Search shelves of freezer making sure to get proper GF/CF/egg free for C and be impressed with self that I finally gave each family member their own shelf with special food on it. Wonder how we got so many allergies in one family and remind self Husband doesn’t have any allergies and it’s really just self and C who have 9 zillion allergies between us. Eat dinner, stay at table afterward to do homework. Remind C to write slowly and wonder if am striking appropriate balance between Encouraging Mommy, Nice Mommy and Task Master Mommy. Take bath (complete with epsom salts to draw out toxins, baking soda to draw down stomach acid, and vapor bubbles to draw out sneezes). Get out, slather in lotion made of absolutely nothing because absolutely everything causes rashes, put jammies on, make up silly compound words because THAT IS WHAT WE DO after a bath.

     Do bedtime chores, wonder if we’ll ever be able to move box of baby toothpaste closer to toothbrush area (step 4 in the 90 step process necessary to introduce toothpaste, which he has never used), and be thankful he seems to have inherited good teeth. Wonder how he will ever, ever, ever get through a full dentist appointment. Resove to make using toothpaste a summer goal. Remind self to start a list of all these summer goals I keep thinking about and wonder again about being Task Master Mommy.

     Read book together, have a few minutes of hang out time, remind Daddy it’s time for lights out. Watch Daddy get cup of ice water, go into C’s room and sing song. Collapse on couch as Daddy finishes song, turns out lights, turns on noise machine, shuts blinds, and exits room, shutting the door to the exact same spot every single night.

     Breathe for a few minutes and take bets with Husband as to how many times C will call one of us. Try to be Nice Mommy because C going to sleep unhappy does not make for a restful night for anyone. Try to balance patience (when C calls for us 13th time) with certain knowledge that we are completely and utterly allowing ourselves to be manipulated.

     Crash on couch again and laugh at self when I think of how much I thought I’d get done tonight.

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You want to take this one, Daddy? Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees

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  • 1. FXSmom  |  May 8, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    I live like a minute from the school and have to get there 20 minutes early. I thought it was only in my crazy world that that happened. Don’t parents have anything better to do!? I know if I’m not one of the first handful of cars Rachel starts fretting that I forgot her. I have NEVER forgotten her and she has never been forgotten but that her just one of her crazy quirks.

    You know, I always wonder about the OTHER parents who are there as early as I am. Why are they? Perhaps there ARE more people like us in the world! LOL! It’s funny that you do that too.

  • 2. T$  |  May 8, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    man, these posts wear me out

    Just trying to ease you into your visit in a few months. 😉

  • 3. awalkabout  |  May 9, 2008 at 2:04 am

    Hint on dentist situation: the hygienist recommended that Little Miss have one of those battery-powered toothbrushes that act like a hygienist’s instrument to make her less likely to freak out at the dentist because of the noise and feel of the instrument. 🙂

    Oooooh, yes, we have those. Took 6 months of work to get it in the mouth, but now he’s a pro at them! We found this lovely dentist who works especially with kids terrified of the dentist – he lets them move the chair up and down, there’s video games everywhere, etc. He’s GREAT! We’re going every few months to try and build up to a real visit. I like this guy because his first suggestion isn’t “sedate.” It’s his last resort. Phew. Anyhoo….I digress….now if I could only make my own dentist visits more pleasant! 😉


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