Oh, the NOISE!

May 27, 2008 at 10:11 am 1 comment

     When C was very little, he was extremely sensitive to noise. I used to take him out for a walk while Husband ran the vacuum. I’d take the mixer into the bathroom and close the door to use it, but C would still scream. The blender was out of the question and I’m pretty sure my hair looked bad most of the year because I tried not to blow dry.

     These days we’re down to fewer things that bother him, although I’m not sure the problem has grown less as much as he’s learned not to show a response. The dog going nuts at the doorbell or the garage door still spins him into sensory overload orbit, the blender sends him skittering to his room, and he prefers to be far away when the mixer is in use.

     It leads me to wonder whether he’s growing up or growing out. Is he dealing with these issues better or are they simply becoming more complex and less obvious? Are the gains in age and skills bringing the issues to new levels also? Is he internalizing more and is the outward response to sensory stimuli hidden away somewhere far more damaging than letting it out with a scream would be? Babies are so obvious about things; they don’t like it and they cry. Seven year olds are far more sophisticated with their emotions. I’ve seen C hide and squelch a sob when his feelings are hurt, so I wonder if he’s doing the same with sensory stimuli. Hiding and coping are not exactly the same thing. On one hand I know this will serve his outward appearance to the world, on the other hand I wonder what it will do to his inside self.

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LDS When all else fails

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  • 1. Bobbi  |  June 3, 2008 at 9:29 am

    I found your blog from feebeeglee’s blog. It’s nice to know that you’ve found that his noise sensitivities have went down. Or he knows how to handle them more. It is a HUGE issue with my son and I pray it gets better as he gets older.

    It’s weird, because it usually seems as some things fade away, other, new developmental things appear. So I’m still not sure exactly what’s happening – he seems to have a new problem with hot/cold and itchiness being interpreted as pain. So who knows…but if nothing else it gives the illusion of improvement because things seem to go away over time. But boy, I do NOT miss those days of absolute terror over noise! I hope it improves with your son too.


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