Engaging the Senses

July 1, 2008 at 1:37 pm 7 comments

     “I told you to eat your cookies before eating the rest of that chicken.” I can’t believe I just said that to my kid. I’m not sure those words, in that order, have ever been uttered before. After the words came tumbling out of my mouth, I wondered, “Did I really just say that?” 

     For C, eating a cookie, one that most of us would fine plain, boring, and not nearly sweet enough (translate organic, and minus most of the things that usually go in cookies, like sugar, eggs, butter, and flour), is much harder than the chicken he had for lunch. Giving him a piece of cake would be the equivalent of giving most people a fried rat in eyeball stew. This is life with a sensory-afflicted child who is terrified of food.

     Yet all around are signs of huge success. C went to the dentist today, for the third time this year. The first visit included walking into the office, checking out the chair, and meeting the dentist – one of those cool, kids only dentists who specializes in children who fear the dentist (can I go?). The second visit involved actually getting in the chair, looking at all the tools, opening his mouth for the dentist, and allowing the sainted man to brush his teeth with a regular, dry toothbrush. This visit today included a brief but full cleaning, complete with a very small amount of unflavored cleaning paste. There were freaked out faces made, slight gags, and lots of looks to Mommy for positive reinforcement.

     But he did it. Amazing.

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  • 1. looksgoodinpolkadots  |  July 1, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    Yay for C… and the fabulous Dentist. We don’t have anyone that cool around here… unflavored paste would be great! We have to skip most things like the paste and fluoride rinse.

    Do you make C treats using sugar substitutes like Agave? It’s one of the new things I am experimenting with and LOVE so far!

    I know – it’s great to have a dentist like this guy around. We’ve been working on using the Waleda (sp?) baby paste, but he still won’t put it in his mouth. Dentist said it’s really okay NOT to use toothpaste.

    I haven’t tried Agave – mostly because C is absolutely not interested in sweets whatsoever! I suppose that’s lucky, but I’m astounded at how he isn’t interested. He has never had a piece of cake or candy – save a couple of lollipops, but he doesn’t even finish those on the rare occasions he has one. Sometimes I wonder if he’s really mine 😉 given my sweet tooth that never lets up! LOL!

  • 2. FXSmom  |  July 1, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    Matty hates cakes and stuff too. He won’t go near it.

    We’re lucky, right? I know my kid eats a healthy diet (for an adult, anyway…), but sometimes I just want him to eat kid food, you know? I guess I just need to continue adjusting my thoughts about food – I’m breaking the cycle my Mom has of everything revolving around meals…all family gatherings include FOOD. Yet now that her DIL is vegetarian, I’m GF/CF (and about 80 other “free from” foods), and C is just C, she’s just thrown up her hands and given up! LOL!

  • 3. Jesch  |  July 2, 2008 at 6:19 am

    Hooray for Master C!

    And you, being married to one in my bloodline, knows the fear of the dentist seems to be hereditary, so it’s double hooray!

  • 4. Bobbi  |  July 2, 2008 at 9:50 am

    That is so great! Im totally there with you!

    Thanks, Bobbi! And thanks for visiting.

  • 5. darcee  |  July 2, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    That sounds wonderful. We had the dentist today too. This was the first time my high-strung nine year old managed to keep the film in his mouth long enough to get good x-rays.

    oooohhhh, x-rays! Impressive! Dentist didn’t even try that, thank goodness. But someday soon we’ll have to figure that one out too. You give me hope it’s possible! 🙂

  • 6. goodmum  |  July 3, 2008 at 11:56 am

    OHMIGOSH! I need to find a dentist who’s that good for my Little Man. He has SPD and is terrified of the dentist and cries before we even get inside the building. And this is only having having the briefest of brief cleanings. Ugh! I’m gladthings went so well for you. It gives me hope!

    ANd what’s with the flavourless toothpaste? Can I buy that somewhere??????

    You know, I didn’t ask because I figured you couldn’t buy it – it’s that gritty stuff they use for tooth cleaning at the dentist – as opposed to regular, over the counter toothpaste. I had to compare it to a food C eats – in terms of how it would feel in his mouth. He was still not thrilled with it. But they did tell me that it’s really okay to brush without toothpaste (C doesn’t use it – it’s sitting on his counter, and I got up to having him barely touch his tongue to the bit I put on the end of my finger, but he hasn’t been able to go any further), but to brush their teeth with a dry toothbrush instead of wet. Makes sense, I guess!

    Honestly, I thought we were going to have to go with sedation dentistry for C, and we still may at some point need to do that. But I’m glad for at least short cleanings he might be able to handle it. There was no one more surprised than I – this is a kid that NEVER put anything in his mouth as a baby. I couldn’t even put my finger in there. So there is hope! Good luck!

  • 7. goodmum  |  July 3, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    Oh, I hear you! Little Man hates it when I insist of doing some of the brushing of his teeth. VERY interesting that they told you it’s ok to brush with a dry brush. I wish someone had told us that! It’s so frustrating EVERY.SINGLE. DAY. Ugh!

    I know, it’s so hard to get it started. We had a very specific plan that took about 6 months to implement to get him to use a spinbrush, which I am to this day amazed he uses. It was a constant fight for a long time. Now the fight is toothpaste. But I feel like the pressure is off a little bit now that the dentist said a dry brush is better. I imagine dry will feel weird, so I know we’ll have another battle for awhile. GOOD LUCK!


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