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Dear Mr. Obama:

Dear Mr. Obama:

I hope you get elected for president. Guess what? I voted for you! Isn’t that cool? I am in 203 this year. I know the Preamble to The Constitution. My teacher’s name is Mrs. B and I am in 2nd grade this year. It’s nice to meet you. My full name is C__M__P__. My address is ______Drive. My zip code is 8____.

This is C’s letter written to President-elect Obama the night before he was elected. Off it went in the mail today to Senator Obama’s Chicago office. C is hoping for an invite to the Inauguration. Ahhhh, youth. It warms one’s heart.

November 12, 2008 at 5:18 pm 3 comments

Just like heaven…

     I’m really not trying to be political here, because it’s not what I do, but C is intensely interested in the election all of a sudden. It has renewed his prior interest in heaven, and has now merged with his interest in Presidents. This morning’s conversation went something like this:

“Mommy, is that Barack Mogana on the tv?”

“Yes, C, it is Barack Obama.”

“Is he our new President? Did George Bush pick him?”

“No, the outgoing President doesn’t get to pick the new President. Barack Obama (probably) and John McCain will have to run against each other and the voters will decide who is the next President.”

“I hope Barack OBAMA will be the next President. I think he would make a very good President. I hope I’m President someday and that people would vote for me.”

“I think you’d make a great President, C. I’d definitely vote for you, and I think lots of people would.”

“Yeah. Mommy, when I’m in heaven will I meet the Presidents?”

“Sure you will, and you can ask them lots of questions!”

[Grins] “COOL! I didn’t know that. How did you know that? Did you learn it in school?”

      Granted, it is the last week of school, but somehow I doubt C’s teacher has a lesson on heaven, the Presidents and the election planned.

May 16, 2008 at 11:09 am 3 comments

Barack who???

     C has always been interested in money. He loves coins, bills and anything having to do with them, which is why he became interested in Presidents. He wanted to know who the guys were on the money, so we bought him a President card deck. He learned their names, where they were born, which number President they were, what their nickname was, and he knew their faces. This happened within the span of a week when he was 4. He was utterly addicted, and even though he can’t recite that list with complete accuracy any longer, he is still quite interested in the old guys.

     Several years ago, when Hillary Clinton started making noise about running for President, along with John McCain, C decided they should run together on the same ticket. That dream for him has died (although I suppose anything could happen at this point), but the other day, he walked with Husband to get the mail. Barack Obama’s picture was on the cover of some news magazine, and C asked who he was. He came running back to tell me that “Barack Mogana is going to be the next President!”

    The child has spoken. Print up the new card, please.  

May 15, 2008 at 1:02 pm 1 comment

It’s all autism, all the time.

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