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Wild Child

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~Mary Oliver

Someone I trust more than most recently told me I am a completely different person than I was two years ago when we met. Entrenched in anger, sadness, grief, and frustration, I was miserable. I was coming off the end of cancer treatment, suffering with significant nerve damage and body image issues from the surgery, and trying to manage all things C. No easy tasks on that list.

I ruminated on that statement for a day or two, and I realized something. I’m back. Back to me, my old self, and the happy, adventurous wild woman that I used to be. It looks different now than it did in my 20s, when I would (stupidly) take off alone in my jeep with nothing but a forest service map and some munchies. In my late 40s, adventure to me looks more like being vulnerable, taking on an exciting new job, and speaking my truth. Writing. Engaging. Sharing secrets. Asking for what I want and need.

This journey for me really started with C. Not *that* C, but the Cancer-C. It was the wake up call I needed, it seems. “Hey!” it screamed. “Your life could be over. Is this all there is, is this all you want?” And in the most cliche movie-moment ever, I realized the answer to both those questions was no.

That same someone asked me back then if nothing changed in my life, could I find a way to be happy? I remember groaning at that question, and I probably rolled my eyes. But over time, I realized I had to figure out a way to make that answer into a “yes,” and the solution to that was all me. Not that much has changed – my health still challenges me, and C most definitely still challenges me. Yet I am in a much better place.

The journey here has been full of ups and downs, and I know it will continue to be. But I most definitely know what I want to do with my one wild and precious life, and it is exactly what I am doing.

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C-isms from writing journal

C’s April journal came home recently. Here are some of the highlights:

…I hope it will be so so so so so so much fun. I think galaga 90 will be much funner. I think I will love it so much because it will be fun. It will be so much fun. I think it will be fun.

Today we saw caterpillars. I loved them. They were cool. I want to see them again because I was surprised of them.

Yesterday we went to the Desert Gardens. I love that place. It is so so so so so much fun….It was really fun. I liked it so much. It was so much fun.

Next week I am geting the A to Z mystery books. I will love the A B C D E F and X are my favorites. I think it will be so so so so so so so so so so much fun. I will like it so much fun. It will be so cool because I will love it. It will be very fun.

Today I am having fun after school because I will maybe have my basketball game. It will be so much fun. I will love it. I hope N & J will come. I think I will love it. It is cool. I will like it so much because it will be cool.

This weekend I am having B over. It will be very fun. I will be so happy for him to come over. I will really like it. It will be so cool.

I’m envisioning counted word book reports in junior high school where he’s trying all the old tried and true tricks to lengthen his writing. Big print, lots of adjectives, and apparently, the word “so” as much as possible. 

The book was so cool. I really liked it. It was fun. It was so so so so good.

That works, doesn’t it?


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It’s all autism, all the time.

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